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Gazetisto is a platform that allows independent authors, whether individuals, web projects or media outlets, to create their own newsletter, podcast or video.

Gazetisto removes the barrier. A small web project, a larger web project or an individual – be it a top journalist or an expert on a certain topic – can very easily charge for their work thanks to Gazetisto. And start building up a subscriber base.

Gazetisto is a Czech company, aimed at Czech readers, listeners and viewers, which communicates in the Czech language and makes settlements in Czech crowns.

Gazetisto will provide authors with comprehensive services, from instructions on how to create a newsletter or podcast, to templates that authors can use, to settling subscriptions, sending money to the account and paying VAT (if applicable). Gazetisto account is completely free to create. For its services, Gazetisto takes a percentage of the collected subscription fee. So we only make money if you do, and it is therefore in our interest to help you to do so.

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